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The main goal of the Fund is to enable our clients to live in their home environment for as long as possible. The founding of the Fund has naturally emerged from the main activity of TopHelp, which are complex services in the home environment – specifically at-home health care and personal assistance.

Our years of experience, knowledge of the legislative environment as well as the needs of our clients have convinced us of the need to use more possibilities of how to provide even better complex services with something extra. And this is what led us to the decision to start our Foundation Fund.


Martin H.

Martin H.

Currently selected
6.890,- Kč

Help fulfill Martin's wish. Accept your call and Donate PLUS to Personal Assistance Services.

Marie T.

Marie T.

Currently selected
500,- Kč

All in all 9.890,- Kč

Give PLUS personal assistance to Mrs. Marie to meet her neighbors again ...

We are helping

Social services

Providing help to clients who need to finance at-home social services while taking into account their limitation of financial possibilities.

Health and compensation aids

Providing assistance to clients in the provision of compensatory and medical aids, medical equipment, and others.

Further help

Providing counseling and consulting, transportation to doctors or to hospitals etc.

Darujte PLUS

Zajímá vás, jak můžete podpořit projekt s hlubokou myšlenkou? Pomoct seniorům zůstat co nejdéle doma, v jejich přirozeném prostředí, které znají a jsou na něj zvyklí?

Darovat můžete prostřednictvím online nákupu přes givt.cz , kde vyplníte přispívat na Nadační fond TopHelp. Nebude Vás to stát ani korunu navíc. Za nákup zaplatíte stejně, ale ještě přispějete na dobrou věc.

Nebo můžete přispět pomocí přímé platby na naše konto

309 7000 309 / 0800

Nebo můžete přispět pomocí online platby


kde Vás informujeme, komu a jak Váš příspěvek pomohl. 

I malá částka může být velké PLUS.



About the Foundation Fund


Jitka Zelenková

A sphere of Czech popular music, which celebrates 50 years in the music branch this year. She supports the TopHelp Foundation Fund because she has personal experiences with at-home care for a loved one.

Information for you

The Fund has been established with the aim to fulfill the generally beneficial objective goal, which is the protection of humanitarian values of citizens. The purpose of the Foundation Fund is to collect and purposefully use financial or other resources in order to contribute to the necessary needs of our clients and their families, especially those with difficult life situations in a sense of the need for one’s health and any other human needs.

We are a member of the Association of Corporate Social Responsibility, the largest CSR initiative in the Czech Republic.

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