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Jitka Zelenková

A sphere of Czech popular music, which celebrates 50 years in the music branch this year. She supports the TopHelp Foundation Fund because she has personal experiences with at-home care for a loved one.

Česká spořitelna

Is a bank with the longest tradition on the Czech market. It tries to teach people how to manage money and provide access to prosperity. The bank provides its services to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, cities, and municipalities. It finances big corporations as well and provides services in the field of financial markets. Many of their products and services are number one on the Czech market. From 2000, it has become part of a strong Central European Group Erste.

Česká spořitelna supports because… It believes in good things

It strengthens financial literacy and is a partner of several universities. From the very beginning, it supports the development of its surroundings and local communities. It seeks to improve the quality of education, supports the elderly, people with mental disabilities and focuses on prevention for drug addictions. Its adapts its approach and services to people with different types of disabilities.

Karolína Plíšková

Karolína Plíšková a Czech professional tennis player and a finalist of the US Open Women’s Doubles. She comes from Loun and married her manager Michal Hrdlička in June of this year’s . She is known for her tennis aces and support of charitable activities.

ERGO insurance company

ERGO insurance company, a.s. is one a member of the international ERGO group, which is one of the greatest insurance groups in Europe. Worldwide, this group is represented in more than 30 countries and is focused mainly regions of Europe and Asia. It has been active in the Czech Republic for 23 years already and thus provides the benefits of a stable and experienced environment to its clients.

At the same time, it offers a wide-ranged portfolio of insurance products – i. e. life insurance including investment retirement, travel insurance, commercial health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance, property insurance and others. In case of questions, visit https://ergo.cz/ or contact the customer line number +420 221 858 111.

Why does ERGO insurance company support?

We are focusing on the theme of old age since 2013, when we started to regularly support a selected retirement home in the Central Bohemian Region as a company. That is why the idea of TopHelp Foundation Fund intrigued us. Old people are often excluded from today’s society without it being their fault, even though they have a full-fledged life behind them, which should not end with retiring or a serious illness,” commented Pavel Šuranský, a member of the Board of Directors of ERGO insurance company, on the reasons.

Pavel Kříž

He devotes himself to working with seniors abroad, so he has many experiences with this age group and their needs. And at the same time at home, is home. That is a reason to support us, so that our clients may live, for as long as possible, where they know it and like it very important. Pavel expressed his support by becoming the head of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation Fund, being a completely new role for him, which he has never tried nor played in any movie before.

“Because the population is aging and the number of people in need of at-home health care increases, companies are more interested in supporting this group. One day, it will affect all of us,” stated Pavel Kříž, ambassador.

Prof. MUDr. Pavel Pafko, DrSc.

Czech abdominal and thoracic surgeon, performed surgery on Václav Havel, the president of the Czech Republic in 1996, in 1997 he performed his first lung transplantation in the Czech Republic with his team, in 2013 he was awarded the Medal of Merit, in 2015 Knight of the Czech Medical State, great athlete (cycling and running).

Merkur Insurance Company

The Mercury Group is expanding its range of insurance products and healthy lifestyle activities to another European market: in the Czech Republic Mercury’s first clients are Karolína and Kristýna Plíškovy, successful tennis players.


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