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Marie T.

My name is Marie and I’m 82 years old. The serious illness threatened to amputate my right leg. But doctors and medical staff did the best, and they managed to save my leg, even though I did not amputate the amputations of my fingers. After being released from hospital to home treatment, I had a limited momentum. Walkers were very careful to incorporate walking training, because the illness receded only reluctantly, and the wounds did not succeed as fast as they planned. I’m trying to be patient, still smiling and not giving up hope in full recovery.

I live alone in a family house, so my family asked for help with providing personal assistance services. For example, a personal assistant helps me with shopping, accompanies me to a doctor, arranges small homework, etc.

Before that, I’d love to go out to meet my neighbors and acquaintances, talk to each other briefly, or go to the library. I believe that with your help I will be able to continue to practice walking, exercising under supervision, burdening my feet and gradually reintegrating into the normal life cycle. This is a great motivation for me.

Thank you all for your support.

500,- Kč

9.890,- Kč

Give PLUS personal assistance to Mrs. Marie to meet her neighbors again ... 9.890,- Kč.

Thank you so far


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Mrs. Marie has been using our services since August 2017. She is a great optimist and fighter. With regular exercise and rehabilitation, her health improves. However, personal assistance services such as buying help or accompanying doctors are essential. That’s why she would need your help.


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