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Martin H.

I am 45 years old and I have lived an active life since I was 24. I exercised, educated myself, enjoyed each day to the fullest. Then, my doctors have told me that I have Multiple sclerosis. My illness has worsened over the past years to the point where I am 100% dependable on my surroundings.

I cannot eat by myself and if something were to happen to me, I am not able to take my phone. I only communicate through emails and I use sensors that detect eyes in order to write on my computer. But before Multiple sclerosis, I was a very active sportsman. I played volleyball, did martial arts. But then, almost from day-to-day, I had to switch sports equipment for a wheelchair and other medical equipment, without which I can hardly function.

Despite his health, Martin is eager to study. He has a Bachelor degree in Social Work and Social Services. At the moment, he is in his second year of Master’s degree in Media Studies and Communication.

For a long time, he lived at home with his family, but after the death of his mother, he was left alone relying on the help of others. Our personal assistants visit him based on financial possibilities. The money from the state is unfortunately insufficient for his treatment. At times, a volunteer comes. Yet, Martin needs almost 24 hour care and help. However, his greatest wish is to stay home, so that he does not have to go to an institute or other health facilities.

Will you help him fulfill his wish? Accept Hannibal’s challenge and donate to PLUS.


Martin has been visited by a lead nurse from TOPHELP’s branch at Brandýs nad Labem Lenka Ignácová accompanied by Pavel Kříž together with the chairwoman of Board of Trustees Marina Gajdáčková. Martin was very happy about their visit. Watch the video and keep your fingers crossed so that Martin comes back home soon where our assistants will help him with his care.


Pavel Kříž supports TopHelp Foundation Fund and its idea to help those in need so that they can afford a personal assistant. Will you help as well? Thank you.

Thank you so far


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Martin us our client, who is need of continuous care. However, his greatest wish is to be able to stay home and not have to go to a health or social facility. Piece by piece, we will introduce you to the story of a person whose biggest wish is to stay and live home. Will you help him fulfill his wish? Accept Martin’s challenge and donate to him at PLUS for personal assistance.


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