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Michal F.

Michael’s story told us his girlfriend, who decided to take home care in the autumn of 2016, and cares for him at home from November 2016.

Michal is 40 years old and two years ago he suffered a cardiac arrest and then three months later he was in a coma. He is attached to a bed, does not speak, is linked to artificial nutrition, and needs 24-hour continuous care. In addition to her amazing girlfriend, she also provides personal assistants and nurses from TopHelp. His dog makes him happy who likes to jump on his bed every day.

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Michal was about a year after illness in various hospitals and healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, his girlfriend’s experience encouraged her decision to care for Michael in her own home environment. Its own strengths and financials, of course, are not enough, because it is about 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

The patron saint of Mr. Michal is Jitka Zelenková


During my weekly stay in Ostrava, I was able to visit the family of one of the clients through the TopHelp Foundation, which I personally am interested in. It was Michal and Martina. Michal is a young man who has stopped his heart. Since then he has been fully tied to bed and has been given day care. Martina, Michal’s girlfriend, cares for him 24 hours of love and, of course, the nurse Jana of Home care Top Help, without whom this demanding care would not be possible. I also appreciate the help of personal assistants. Although Michal could not even talk or move, his eyes saw the joy of the visit and the joy that he was not alone. For me, it was a very important moment to stop and think … to think mainly about how much money is important in these cases! At least to cover costs. Because with the help of an assistant, the disability can also dignity live in his home environment.

That’s why I encourage everyone to: PLEASE HELP ANY AMOUNT. None of us know when it may need it alone. ”

Yours sincerely, Jitka Zelenková


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