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TopHelp TopHelp’s Personal Data Processing Principles Following New EU Legislation – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We consider client privacy and personal data to be a primary duty.

We handle personal data only in accordance with applicable law. Below are the principles that explain what we do to ensure confidentiality and security of personal data.

Here you will find information about what personal data we collect, how we handle it, how we use it, who we use it for, who we can provide, where you can get information about your personal information we process, and what are the individual options security for each TopHelp client (TopHelp group: TopHelp sro ID: 292 40 263, TopHelpPlus sro ID: 050 13 470, TopHelp Foundation ID: 065 35 992, HomePROFICare sro ID: 039 92 748)

Which personal information does the TopHelp Group collect and process?

Personal data that can be processed without the client’s consent:

identification data – personal data used for the unambiguous and unmistakable identification of the client (name, surname, title, birth number, if assigned, otherwise date of birth, permanent address, identity card number, passport number or other similar document, , for the client-natural person of the entrepreneur also the tax identification number and the company ID)

contact details – Personal information enabling contact with the client (in particular client contact address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and other similar information)

Service usage data – TopHelp Group Terms and Conditions.

Personal data processed by TopHelp with the consent of the client are provided in agreement with the processing of personal data that the client may grant.

Due to the contractual nature of the relationship between TopHelp and the client, the provision of personal data is entirely voluntary. However, TopHelp can not enter into a contract and provide a service if personal data necessary for the conclusion of the contract are not provided.

From what sources does TopHelp receive personal data?

directly from the client when negotiating with the person interested in the service or provision of the service and in their subsequent implementation;

from publicly accessible registers, lists and registers (business register, trade register, cadastre, public telephone directory, etc.) and other public sources (including social and internet information that the client himself publishes);

from other entities, as provided for in a special regulation (eg, § 260, § 260g of Act No. 99/1963 Coll., the Code of Civil Procedure);

possibly from other entities, if the client has given his / her consent (eg from surveys and user testing).

For what purposes does TopHelp use and process personal data?

Without the consent of the client (see § 5, paragraph 2 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data):

for purposes related to the services provided, to ensure all other activities related to the realization of the service and for the development of new services;

to fulfill legal obligations

to protect their rights and legitimate interests, in particular for analyzing and evaluating quality.

With the consent of the client:

for other purposes (eg for marketing activities, reports on IHIS, Statistical Office, etc.).

How does TopHelp ensure privacy?

Personal data are under physical, electronic and procedural control, and the TopHelp Group has up-to-date control, technical and security mechanisms to ensure maximum protection of processed data from unauthorized access or transmission, loss or destruction, and other possible misuse.

Any person who contacts his or her personal data in the course of performing his or her work or contract obligations is bound by a statutory or contractual duty of confidentiality.

Who does TopHelp provide personal information?

health insurance companies, state and regional authorities, other bodies in the fulfillment of legal obligations stipulated by special regulations – in particular, state administration bodies, courts, law enforcement authorities, supervisors, executors, notaries – court commissioners, insolvency trustee, statistical office, etc .;

to other entities, if necessary to protect the rights of the TopHelp Group, such as insurance companies or insurance brokers, in the exercise of claims, courts, bailiffs, auctioneers; the extent of the personal data provided is limited to the data necessary for the successful exercise of the claim;

(hereinafter referred to as the “Processor”), which for the TopHelp Group perform processing on the basis of the relevant contract for the processing of personal data (see § 13 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data); for the processor, the TopHelp Group, after careful consideration, only selects a person who will provide maximum assurance on the technical and organizational security of the personal data transmitted;

with the consent of the client or his / herspersonal data may also be provided to other entities.What are the possibilities of the client in relation to the processing and transfer of personal data? Except in the cases provided by law, when the processing of personal data does not require the consent of the client (see § 5 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data), the TopHelp Group processes personal data only with the consent of the client. It is only on his own free choice whether or not to grant his consent to the extent proposed by the TopHelp group or to provide it. Granting consent is entirely voluntary and is not a condition for the conclusion of a contract. Unless the client has agreed otherwise with TopHelp, the consent may be revoked or changed / modified. The TopHelp group is bound and fully respected by TopHelp Group.What client has access to your personal data and what is the responsibility of TopHelp? For information on the personal details of the TopHelp Group, the client can request the TopHelp headquarters Budějovická 1550 / 15a 140 00 Prague 4 – Michle. Information within the statutory scope (see § 12 (2) of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data) shall be prepared by the TopHelp Group without undue delay and handed over to the client in person, unless otherwise agreed otherwise. The TopHelp Group is entitled to claim the costs associated with its provision (see § 12 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data). If a client discovers or believes that the processing of personal data by TopHelp or other processors in violation of their rights or violation of statutory obligations may be rectified by the client, he may seek redress using all means provided by the applicable law (see § 21 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data). With his or her suggestions, the client can also contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly.Where can the client contact for further information, where he can make any objections to the processing of personal data? Request for information about the processed personal data and to make any possible objections to the processing of personal data , to withdraw the consent or to change it by a written, fax, e-mail or telephone application at TopHelp Headquarters Budějovická 1550 / 15a 140 00 Praha 4 – MichleHow does the TopHelp Group provide information about the principles and rules of personal data processing and protection? publicly accessible on TopHelp’s website www.tophelpplus.czs the rules of processing of personal data and their protection, the client is acquainted with the conclusion of the contract for provision of the service; in this context, the client is also asked to comment on the proposed consent to the processing of personal data by TopHelp;


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